Get Help

If you have general questions or comments, I should warn you that I’m having a hard time catching up on email. Do not despair! There are lots of ways you can get help, from people much more qualified than I am — read on.

If you want to hire me for counseling in eating competence, but have questions or concerns, please write michelle at fatnutritionist dot com. Ditto for media inquiries.

If you’re in need of clinical nutritional assistance (meaning you need to treat a specific disease or disorder with diet), please contact a Registered Dietitian in one of the following ways:

If you’re looking for advice that has a better chance of being Health at Every Size-friendly, hire a dietitian who is trained in eating disorders. Even if you don’t have an eating disorder, dietitians who are trained this way are more likely to be familiar with HAES principles. Send them this cover letter to find out whether they would be open to using a HAES approach with you.

  • If your child needs help with eating, talk to Katja! She’s a doctor and I know her and she’s just lovely. Or contact Ellyn Satter Associates by phone (800-808-7976) or email ([email protected]) to get a referral for a practitioner trained in parent-child feeding dynamics.
  • If you need a doctor, therapist, consultant, or some other kind of professional, you can search for Fat Friendly Health Professionals, Health at Every Size Experts, and other professionals in the Health at Every Size Community.
  • Lastly, you can ask a question online at Specialty Food Shop’s website or Ask the Dietitian, but I can’t vouch for whether the advice will be size-friendly.