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Cooking for yourself: You are worth the effort.

I think this is a lesson that all of us could stand a refresher in, myself included, as we continue down the path toward feeding ourselves like competent adults. Caveat: Feeling that it’s not worth the effort to prepare food for yourself is very different from literally not having the energy or resources to prepare […]

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Real food.

“Real food” is a term I dislike almost as much as “real women,” and for many of the same reasons. On occasion, I run into this idea coupled with the concept of intuitive eating. People will proclaim how much they believe in permission and fulfilling your hunger and eating whatever you want (so far, so […]

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The good, the bad, and all the rest of it.

Just been doing a lot of reading and thinking lately. “In line with his overall body of work, Pollan suggests in Cooked that even to discuss the science of food is to begin the slide down a slippery slope that ends in the culturally corrosive and ecologically unsustainable structures of agribusiness. Put simply, ‘good’ transformations […]

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Fat People Need Candy Too

Happy Halloween! If you have candy around, enjoy it. Candy’s only real function is to provide pleasure. Everyone needs and deserves some pleasure, including fat people. Plus, the only way to get good at eating something is to practice, and even to make mistakes. If it weren’t for my parents allowing me to have a […]

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Who are you when you eat kale chips?

Recently, I made kale chips and I felt a little weird about it. I made them for a session with a client, where we ate kale chips together. I am such a curmudgeon sometimes about trying new things, and I’m grateful to my clients for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Last month it […]

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