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Why dieting works (for some people, some of the time.)

I don’t actually want to talk about the weight-loss aspect of dieting in this post, even though that is what you’re most likely to think of when you think of whether or not dieting “works.” If short-term weight loss were the sole barometer of success, then just about every diet you can think of, including […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Americans – it is a holiday weekend here in Canada. I am sitting around with my sore wrist in a brace instead of blogging. For those of you hate-reading my blog right now, welcome and carry on. People do so love to be slightly irritated. I probably won’t approve your comments, though. Further reading: […]

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Food and exercise are not matter and anti-matter.

French version of this post here, courtesy Stéphanie Potin-Grevrend. How often do you hear someone say they need to “work off breakfast,” or that they spoiled their workout by eating some calorific food afterward? I hear it quite a bit, and it always bothers me. Let me count the ways. First of all, reducing food […]

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From grazing to structure.

The other day, a client asked me how one makes the transition from grazing to regular meals. The first problem being that it sounds very scary. I agree. It’s scary because, if you have any history of hunger, whether due to not having enough money to buy food, or what I like to call “self-induced […]

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Perfectionist cooking paralysis.

I’m having a problem with perfectionism – namely, when it comes to writing. I can think of ideas for posts, but I can’t make them exhaustive enough, or perfectly researched enough, or even typo-free enough to bother writing at all. This partially explains why I’ll go over a month (two months?) without posting. Part of […]

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