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Eating – the WHAT or the HOW?

This is going to come off kind of weird, but: I don’t actually care much what people eat. I will now take the remainder of this post to qualify that statement. Here’s what I mean: only in certain, limited contexts does WHAT a person eats play a direct role in their health. We’re talking deficiencies […]

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What’s all this, then?

It’s my blog about normal eating. You’re reading it. So, I’m working on this thing I like to call my Unified Theory of Kicking Ass. What that means is, I’m reading and learning stuff about normal eating and nutrition and how people change their behaviour. I have a pretty decent understanding of this stuff already, […]

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Health At Every Size: choice or coercion?

I wanted to address was something I read a while back, and have been sort of turning over in the back of my head ever since. [Via The Fat Girl.] These are the fat acceptance zealots — using fat acceptance and ‘in your face’ fat imagery and messages in order to shock the world into […]

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