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Cogent quotes – the basics of fat.

Just a few quotes pulled from off-the-top-of-my-head articles addressing The Basics of Fat. For the benefit of people who genuinely haven’t heard this stuff yet. On the scourge of OMGbesity: “The claim that we are seeing an ‘epidemic’ of overweight and obesity implies an exponential pattern of growth typical of epidemics. The available data do […]

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Stairway to Health, or, Let’s Judge People for Not Taking the Stairs.

So here’s the thing. I’ve worked at several different places, and am now going to school at a place promoting the ubiquitous Stairway to Health campaign. And here’s the second thing: people are really goddamn preachy when it comes to taking the stairs. I was at work recently when an older man, likely in his […]

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Dear dieting friends,

I was reading The Rotund’s post about grey areas and lines in the sand, and I could feel the wheels in my brain slowly clunking into action. (They’ve been very relaxed brain-wheels for the last while.) I started thinking about how I feel about having friends who go on diets or whatnot. And I realized […]

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