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Iron-rich clam linguine – a.k.a. “what I cook when I’m lazy.”

So, after having a brief conversation about iron-rich foods on Twitter (as you do), and sharing the amazing revelation that canned clams are richer in iron, ounce per ounce, than the reigning King of Iron Richness — beef liver — I agreed to post my favourite recipe involving canned clams. We eat this roughly once […]

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Some lines on reading a Weight Watchers study.

So, the other night, I started reading this 2008 study, which looked at how well Weight Watchers Lifetime Members do at maintaining their weight loss for up to five years. The first part of the paper, as usual, describes the set-up of the study, and the demographic details of the people who participated. This is […]

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Food isn’t poison.

One thing I dislike about nutrition is how often we discuss eating as though it’s something incredibly dangerous that people must do just right or risk INSTANT DEATH. When society has become so risk-averse that we can’t even enjoy food, you know something is terribly out of whack. Barring allergies, intolerances*, non-functioning organs, and foodborne […]

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