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Lesson Seven – Finding fullness.

Close on the heels of checking in, but also permission, comes the sometimes-tricky issue of figuring out when you are full. If you have been eating regular meals at regular times for a while, then chances are pretty good that you are developing regular and consistent hunger signals. This tends to happen when your body […]

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Lesson Six – Checking in.

When discussing emotional eating, I described a method of doing what is often termed “mindful eating” – picking a delicious food, sitting down alone with it in a comfortable place, giving yourself permission, and then eating it without external distractions. This is basically what is meant by “mindful eating” when it is discussed as part […]

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Nutrition agnosticism.

On this blog, I talk a lot about the how of eating, with little attention to the what. There are a few reasons for this. One is my belief that, until you have a solid foundation for how to eat, it’s very, very difficult to make positive changes to the “what.” Before you can decide […]

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Red meat and mortality – this one’s for you.

So, you all saw that headline about red meat being unequivocally Bad For You, right? The headline was super scary – “All red meat is bad for you, new study says” according to the Los Angeles Times. Very scary, very definite-sounding. I tried to avoid looking at the study all day, because I knew it […]

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The denial of life.

When I was 14, and sitting in a circle with my mom, my best friend, her mom, and her mom’s best friend, I came to a sudden understanding that has become the foundation of everything I write on this blog. I believe the occasion was a cookie exchange, and it was something my friend did […]

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