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A little 101 – I get to exist.

It’s come to my attention that not everyone in the world takes for granted many of the things I’ve come to accept as truth about health and weight. I forget that sometimes. And when I am reminded, it is not always in the kindest terms. Usually, it’s in terms like, “But your body is not […]

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Actual Recipes from My Kitchen

Well, we’ve finally made it to the “Actual Food” part of this incredibly lengthy series. I seem to be a firmly intermediate cook, which is a surprisingly embattled position to occupy in a very food-judgey culture. I am going to kindly ask those of you who are more advanced than I am to please suspend […]

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Dirty Little Secrets from My Kitchen

This got so long, I had to split it into multiple posts again. This one covers my basic cooking method and meal template. The next post will have actual recipes. I told you in the previous post there would be no criticizing my food. I am touchy about this, and I think we all should […]

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Perfectionist cooking paralysis.

I’m having a problem with perfectionism – namely, when it comes to writing. I can think of ideas for posts, but I can’t make them exhaustive enough, or perfectly researched enough, or even typo-free enough to bother writing at all. This partially explains why I’ll go over a month (two months?) without posting. Part of […]

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