Category: Eating Disorders

  • It’s okay to love food.

    Last time, I wrote about sometimes when people have been abused or neglected around food, it makes sense that they might grow up to dislike feeding themselves. But what is equally true is that, sometimes, when people are deprived of food, their inborn love of food does not desert them, or they go on to […]

  • Fat people and binge eating.

    French version of this post here, courtesy Stéphanie Potin-Grevrend. Lately, I’ve had a couple of run-ins with the assumption that all fat people binge eat. I was surprised to find that it really hurt my feelings, and I’ve been thinking a lot about why that is. I don’t think it’s purely because I want to […]

  • Notes on “Heavy.”

    I don’t normally write about TV shows. In fact, I purposely avoid watching TV shows about nutrition, fitness, and weight loss because they annoy me, and my yelling at the television then annoys my husband. But when I saw the advertisements for A&E’s new show Heavy (in between advertisements for Hoarders and Intervention, in case […]

  • The world needs Sofia. Sofia needs you.

    Eating disorders piss me off. Eating disorders prey on some of the most marginalized members of society: girls, women, gay men, as well as people who suffer from depression, OCD, or illnesses that make eating a pain in the ass to begin with. They prey on people of all skin colours and ethnicities. They prey […]

  • She would paint on anything.

    Kelsey Veldman was an artist. She died on June 20, 2009 of complications from bulimia. Your artwork is incredible. Your Aunt Audrey arranged it, so it’s well displayed. Ironic that you get your own little exhibit. It tears me to pieces that this will be your only one. […] planning your funeral meant going back […]