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  • Cooking for yourself: You are worth the effort.

    I think this is a lesson that all of us could stand a refresher in, myself included, as we continue down the path toward feeding ourselves like competent adults. Caveat: Feeling that it’s not worth the effort to prepare food for yourself is very different from literally not having the energy or resources to prepare […]

  • Who are you when you eat kale chips?

    Recently, I made kale chips and I felt a little weird about it. I made them for a session with a client, where we ate kale chips together. I am such a curmudgeon sometimes about trying new things, and I’m grateful to my clients for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Last month it […]

  • Actual Recipes from My Kitchen

    Well, we’ve finally made it to the “Actual Food” part of this incredibly lengthy series. I seem to be a firmly intermediate cook, which is a surprisingly embattled position to occupy in a very food-judgey culture. I am going to kindly ask those of you who are more advanced than I am to please suspend […]

  • Dirty Little Secrets from My Kitchen

    This got so long, I had to split it into multiple posts again. This one covers my basic cooking method and meal template. The next post will have actual recipes. I told you in the previous post there would be no criticizing my food. I am touchy about this, and I think we all should […]

  • Perfectionist cooking paralysis.

    I’m having a problem with perfectionism – namely, when it comes to writing. I can think of ideas for posts, but I can’t make them exhaustive enough, or perfectly researched enough, or even typo-free enough to bother writing at all. This partially explains why I’ll go over a month (two months?) without posting. Part of […]