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On debates and comments and exhaustion.

I’ve never published an official comments policy, because it always seemed kind of an unnecessary thing to do. I mean, obviously this is my website, so what I say goes, and if I don’t like a comment, I don’t have to publish it. End of story. Pretty self-explanatory, right? It gets fuzzy at times. I […]

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There’s still time…

I just sent this out to people on THE LIST (you know about THE LIST, right?), but then I figured you might want to see it too! Some of you have emailed me with questions. So here are the answers! Hey! I’m keeping this super-short so I don’t waste your time. Just a reminder that […]

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Online fat camp.

*awkward mic screech, tapping* Ahem. This is kind of last-minute, but the long weekend really threw me off. For a long time, I’ve been doing individual sessions teaching people how to eat normally after giving up dieting (in addition to writing this blog, of course.) Doing individual sessions means that they are pretty expensive, and […]

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Surprising results from my totally unscientific survey.

I recently asked a bunch of people what, if anything, they would most like to change about their relationship to food. As expected, since people vary, there was a wide range of responses, all of which were cogent and wonderful. I guess I had my suspicions about what issues would be most popular. I expected […]

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A couple of links for my poor little neglected blog.

We’re getting ready to move, so that partially explains my absence. We’re also in the midst of renovation hell at my current building, which means we’ve been without heat (during a freak cold snap), without laundry facilities, without hot water, and sometimes without any water. And the electricity in one half of my apartment randomly […]

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