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The great divorce of body and mind.

I have a philosophy that goes something like this: you were born a complete, integrated whole of a being. Your mind, your thoughts, your body, your feelings, and your behaviours all converged in a single indivisible unit of you-ness. When you needed food, you felt hunger, thought of food, and cried or reached out for […]

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Food isn’t poison.

One thing I dislike about nutrition is how often we discuss eating as though it’s something incredibly dangerous that people must do just right or risk INSTANT DEATH. When society has become so risk-averse that we can’t even enjoy food, you know something is terribly out of whack. Barring allergies, intolerances*, non-functioning organs, and foodborne […]

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Slim Chance Awards and the joys of skepticism.

So, while I’m still on hiatus (I know, it’s the most internet-ey internet hiatus in modern history), I’ve found myself thinking a lot about what I’ve come to call “diet apocrypha.” Apocrypha includes scammy fad diets, folk remedies, superstitious beliefs about food/eating, old wives’ tales, and that mysterious “American Heart Association Diet” that was faxed […]

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Health at Every Size is not a new diet.

I would like to state that I am firmly in favour of Health at Every Size. I am a healthcare practitioner and student of nutrition, so that I find HAES an interesting and attractive concept should come as no surprise. That is my bias, as a healthcare nerd. But I would also like to make […]

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