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Eating – the WHAT or the HOW?

This is going to come off kind of weird, but: I don’t actually care much what people eat. I will now take the remainder of this post to qualify that statement. Here’s what I mean: only in certain, limited contexts does WHAT a person eats play a direct role in their health. We’re talking deficiencies […]

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Dear Fat Nutritionist – does yummifying my food make it less nutrilicious?

(Yes, I just made those words up, and yes, I’m aware that they are completely stupid. Therefore, I will continue using them at every future opportunity, until people beg me in droves to STOP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST STOP.) Just the other day, I received the following wonderful letter, and nearly broke my […]

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Holier-than-thou, and getting holier.

So, I just read this editorial-slash-book-review, or whatever it’s supposed to be. The most striking thing, to me, is the writer’s use of moralizing, sin-a-licious language: In theory, I’m a food libertarian and don’t believe the state should take responsibility for curbing individuals’ greed.” [Emphasis mine.] And her…colourful…use of hyperbole, which wouldn’t be entirely out-of-place […]

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Is eating an addiction?

In Australia, the New South Wales government is introducing a quitline to help tackle obesity. You call them up, they tell you to stop being so fat, I guess. It’s going to be called a “get healthy” line. Because fat /= healthy fat = smoking (?) There’s the unspoken implication here that people will call […]

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If I eat more than you, it’s for one simple reason.

Did someone say “third piece of pie“? I’d like to say something about how much fat people eat. I, personally, would be neither surprised nor offended if it were somehow proven that fat people, on average, eat more than thinner people. Of course, this hasn’t been proven, and if it were, there would be exceptions […]

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