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Diet pop culture: Dolph Lundgren’s Maximum Potential.

From my sweethearts at Everything Is Terrible! — isn’t it odd how the face of MAXIMUM FITNESS looks an awful lot like the face of serene sociopathy? Either way, this dude — with his short shorts, his Nair-smooth legs, and his zinc-oxide lip balm — is basically my ideal man. (Well…except for the shorts, the […]

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Dear Fat Nutritionist – You’re pretty good looking (for a girl.)

French version of this post

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Notes on how I eat.

This is an intensely personal thing to write about, and it’s something I usually avoid, because I absolutely believe that it’s no person’s — especially no fat person’s — obligation to disclose what they eat as a means of justifying their existence. But because this blog is about nutrition, dieting, and normal eating, and because […]

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