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  • On not being fed enough as a child.

    This is one of the painful truths of my job: discovering that sometimes children, especially fat kids, or kids whose caregivers suspect they will one day be fat, don’t get fed enough. Sometimes those kids grow up and become my clients. Sometimes considerable abuse and neglect in other domains comes along with being underfed as […]

  • Fat People Need Candy Too

    Happy Halloween! If you have candy around, enjoy it. Candy’s only real function is to provide pleasure. Everyone needs and deserves some pleasure, including fat people. Plus, the only way to get good at eating something is to practice, and even to make mistakes. If it weren’t for my parents allowing me to have a […]

  • Gym class.

    Let’s talk about gym class here for a minute. I wasn’t a particularly fat kid, but I was always slightly larger than average. I was heavier, and a little taller, than most of the kids my age (until they caught up with me, height-wise, later on — then I was just heavier.) And though I’m […]

  • Fat news: awesome and not-awesome edition.

    The awesome Fucking artificial pancreas, my friends. This is the natural evolution of the insulin pump. I am wondering if eventually they’ll be creating an artifical pancreas that also secretes glucagon. I used to have these conversations with people at work, because do you know how many people we saw suffering from diabetes? And not […]

  • From the Shit I Could Have Told You files – Bullying is bad for you.

    A study just published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry found that adults who were bullied as children were more likely than others to suffer from depression and anxiety, as well as a host of physical ills, including fatigue, pain and a greater susceptibility to colds. …scientists suspect that the daily stress […]