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  • Watch me eat raspberries.

    I made a new eating video just for fun, but then it became the video for my fundraising campaign for my upcoming dietetic internship. (Since videos of me talking are booooooring.) Video transcript If you want to help out, share my campaign, or get yourself a perk (including an ebooklet, private forum membership, t-shirts, and […]

  • Notes from the Fatosphere Feed still exists!

    Kelly has the scoop on what the closure of Google Reader means for the Notes from the Fatosphere Feed: On 30th June, Google Reader will cease to exist. The Fatosphere feed has been moved to Feedly. Until the beginning of July, readers will be able to access NFTF via either Google Reader or Feedly, but […]

  • The third option.

    Cross-posted to Shameless. Two days ago, there were rumblings. First, I heard that the American Medical Association’s science council had advised them against declaring “obesity” a disease. My initial feeling was one of mild surprise – hadn’t they declared it a disease already? I honestly didn’t know, but given the way our culture and our […]

  • About that video.

    French version of this post here, courtesy Stéphanie Potin-Grevrend. Yesterday, the video of Jennifer Livingston (and here’s a transcript of the video), a fat news anchor responding to an email about how fat and unhealthy she was, went viral. I figured I should probably talk about it, rather than just making oblique references to it. […]

  • Introductions.

    Today has been a strange day. For instance, this happened. That link is to a story about a fat news anchor who called out the writer of a very concern-trolling email about what a bad example she was setting for THE CHILDREN by publicly being a fat person with a job. Watch the video if […]