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Fat / counterfat.

I wrote a little counterpoint piece for Consider. (Up against the Senior Dietitian for the University of Michigan Health System’s Bariatric Surgery Program — hardly a fair fight!) But you want to read something that truly blows this out of the water? Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor (two women who each have a large chunk […]

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Little tasty things.

Happy 2011, everyone! I have a couple of tidbits for you: Shannon interviewed me for his podcast, On Hold with Atchka! If you want to hear me sound like a valley girl, repeat myself endlessly, and completely lose my train of thought due to a sudden caffeine deficiency…then, by all means, listen! It’s my first […]

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Quotes from the (Outer) Fatosphere

There’s quite a bit of good writing not syndicated by our own dear little feed, so I thought it would be cool to start linking some of the stuff I run into elsewhere. So, in response to a loathsome editorial postulating that the extravagant air conditioning of public spaces is the fault of the fat, […]

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A couple of links for my poor little neglected blog.

We’re getting ready to move, so that partially explains my absence. We’re also in the midst of renovation hell at my current building, which means we’ve been without heat (during a freak cold snap), without laundry facilities, without hot water, and sometimes without any water. And the electricity in one half of my apartment randomly […]

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Mini-editorials on obesity/HAES.

Reader closetpuritan sent me this link to a series of mini-editorials in the New York Times. Our friends Harriet Brown and Ellyn Satter are among them, along with confused crusader Kelly Brownell (I’m sure he’s perfectly lovely, really.) And, in comments, the always-amusing Ms. M. Roth! I’m having a catching-up-on-email day, so I should be […]

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