Little tasty things.

Happy 2011, everyone! I have a couple of tidbits for you:

Shannon interviewed me for his podcast, On Hold with Atchka! If you want to hear me sound like a valley girl, repeat myself endlessly, and completely lose my train of thought due to a sudden caffeine deficiency…then, by all means, listen!

It’s my first time doing that sort of thing, though, so be gentle.

Second, despite never having actually been pregnant myself, apparently I had some things to say about eating during pregnancy when the lovely Ann Douglas asked.

(Extra-special-fun bonus: look for the quote in that article that most made me want to hit myself in the face! I bet you can figure out what it is!)

Third…I love you guys and I’ve missed you. I guess I needed a break from writing. It happens — but I always come back eventually.

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