Mini-editorials on obesity/HAES.

Reader closetpuritan sent me this link to a series of mini-editorials in the New York Times.

Our friends Harriet Brown and Ellyn Satter are among them, along with confused crusader Kelly Brownell (I’m sure he’s perfectly lovely, really.)

And, in comments, the always-amusing Ms. M. Roth!

I’m having a catching-up-on-email day, so I should be hanging around to moderate comments and get into arguments. Read and let’s discuss.

Note: Please let’s not smear Roth (or anyone else.) I obviously disagree with her pretty strenuously, and I also think her tactics are in poor taste, but we should stick to the facts when discussing her and not delve into speculation about her personal life and/or psychological state. There’s still plenty to criticize without going there. She’s also a for-reals human person, and I’d prefer not to be unkind.

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