DIET POP CULTURE – The Playgirl workout, a.k.a. “sweaty dudes with mustaches.”

Because I have a sick fascination with all things related to diet culture, I figured I would start posting ridiculous bullshit on my blog periodically. (I mean, ridiculous bullshit other than me talking.)

And I don’t intend these posts to come from a place of pure derision and bitterness, but actually just because I think this shit is funny, and some of it makes me feel nostalgic. I must admit to you now that I have a soft spot for old aerobics videos.

Let’s call this a semi-regular feature, and we’ll pretend like this is a real blog or something, okay?

So, my favourite exercise video of the day comes from the unparalleled genius of Everything is Terrible. Enjoy.


Diet Pop Culture is a humourous look at the inherent ridiculousness
of various weight loss plans and contraptions, past and present.
Because laughing at shit is sometimes the first —
and always the funniest — step in critically analyzing
our culture and media.

You are extravagantly welcome to share your favourite bits of diet pop culture in comments.

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