Diet pop culture: Trim Twist.

I don’t know what in the hell this thing does, exactly, but I do know this woman looks like she’s having an awesome time:

Trim Twist Exerciser - An old advertisement, presumably from the 1960s, featuring a very happy-looking woman doing The Twist while standing on what looks like textbook-sized piece of plastic, that says: "Have a figure others will envy! A slimmer figure is yours in 30 days or less. NOW TWIST INCHES OFF...easily...with new improved TRIM TWIST EXERCISER. No starvation diets. No exhausting exercises. In just sparetime minutes, you can have a trimmer figure, better posture, new poise. TRIM TWIST firms sagging muscles, reduces pudgy areas, burns up calories, stimulates circulation. Sturdy pastel styrene 10" x 9" rotates on 90 ball bearings, holds over 500 lbs. Needs no servicing. Weighs less than 2 lbs. Instructions included. $4.95 p.p.d. - 2 for $9.50 p.p.d."

I don’t know — if losing weight in the ’60s meant wearing a modified sporty beehive, some Keds, and a look that says “I’m about to win first place in a National Twist-Off!” while wiggling yourself into happy oblivion atop 90 ball bearings, then…maybe count me in.

It probably never did a damn thing to help anyone lose weight, but add a Tom Collins and some music, and you’ve got yourself a hell of a Friday night.

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