Watch me eat pickled herring.

Previously: Watch me eat a Cadbury Creme Egg.

P.S. If there’s a food you want to watch me eat, leave a suggestion in comments.





52 responses to “Watch me eat pickled herring.”

  1. Jadey Avatar

    Great. Now it’s 1am and I am craving pickled herring. THANKS, MICHELLE.

    (Cutest pickle face ever though.)

    1. Michelle Avatar

      YOU ARE WELCOME! And I was totally just eating this at, like, 11:48pm. So…yeah.

      1. Jadey Avatar

        Yes, but all the grocery stores are closed. :(

        1. Michelle Avatar

          I found some at a convenience store once.

  2. Kelly Avatar

    That was so gripping. And I’m not even kidding.

    1. Michelle Avatar

      You are dying to try it. In your most secret heart, you are strangely attracted to pickled herring. You know it.

      1. Brenda O Avatar

        I wasn’t sure from your faces if you were really enjoying it…I love the Pee Wee Hermanesk ‘ that was.. pickley’…. I like my herring with sourcream…

        1. Michelle Avatar

          I really need to try it with sour cream. And as long as I have the sour cream out, maybe with some pierogis on the side.

  3. Eli Avatar

    We sell herring in wine sauce, pickled herring, and herring in sour cream at my work. I have always been curious about them, but weren’t sure how they were meant to be eaten. Now I know!

  4. The Bald Soprano Avatar

    It won’t let me see it! Wah!

    1. Michelle Avatar

      I have no idea what is up with that. Unless you’re in Germany.

      1. The Bald Soprano Avatar

        Why yes, I am, as it happens. um. why?

        1. Michelle Avatar

          Because, for some random reason, the music I used is apparently not okay for people in Germany to listen to. (?) Random WMG restrictions via YouTube.

          I think Warner is out to make themselves to most hated record label, ever. And they’re doing a really good job of it.

          1. The Bald Soprano Avatar

            Well, feh to them. *iscranky*

          2. Michelle Avatar

            I’m going to try to directly upload it to my site. But it’s being fussy.

        2. Michelle Avatar

          Reload and see if it works. I think I fix it :)

          Guh, nevermind. Still broken. But only for Germany!

          1. The Bald Soprano Avatar

            I’m used to it at this point…

          2. Michelle Avatar

            Try this:


            (You might want to right-click and Save Link As…or else just be patient until it loads 100% — kind of slow.)

          3. The Bald Soprano Avatar

            Thank you SO MUCH!

            wow, I don’t even like fish and it looked appealing. :D

          4. Michelle Avatar

            Awesome! I’m glad it worked, and I’m glad it looked good. Pickled herring is a pretty good tuna substitute, I find.

  5. NewMe Avatar

    Being Jewish and of a certain age, this is one of my favourite foods! Thanks for reminding me that I need to go out and buy some!!!!

  6. Emgee Avatar

    Hellooooo, Gorgeous! But no, thanks.

  7. papumorgado Avatar

    It was so funny to watch your expressions specially on that first really big bite with the crackers.
    Is that a pickled fish? I don’t think this is really common in here, but I guess I’ve ate that fish in a russian restaurant once as a entree.
    Was it a little sour? lol

    1. Michelle Avatar

      Yes, it’s fish. And YES, it was very sour!

  8. Babs Avatar

    OMG! I lurve pickled herring! Now I must go procure some for snacking pleasure later today! LOL!

    1. Michelle Avatar

      Despite the look on my face, I actually really like pickled herring. But it was maybe not the best choice of midnight snack.

      1. Katja Rowell Avatar

        I wanted to get you something to drink :) Can you believe I’ve never tried it? Maybe I will…

  9. Twistie Avatar

    I love your ‘watch me eat’ videos. It’s such a deliciously (pardon the pun) subversive act.

  10. SingOut Avatar

    What a fantastic video! I need to go watch the Cadbury Creme Egg video, STAT.

    What’s the song playing? It brought a delightful whimsy to the snacking.

    1. Michelle Avatar

      I put the name of the song on the end credit — it’s Lullaby of Birdland, performed by Les Blue Stars.

      1. SingOut Avatar

        Oops! Thanks. I’ll try to pay attention next time.

  11. shyvixen Avatar

    Don’t let your kitty see that video! My cat would be extrememly disapproving of me enjoying delicious puckled herring and not sharing. (:

    1. Michelle Avatar

      I was SHOCKED that he didn’t wake up and start begging. He is a total panhandler for food.

  12. leo Avatar

    This is fucking great. Also it’s been too long since I’ve seen your face and I need to invite myself for a visit soon.

    1. Michelle Avatar


  13. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    love love LOVE it! You make the cutest faces and the music was exactly the right accompaniment! More “Watch me eat…” videos please!

    And as for the pickled fish…..I make a MEAN pickled salmon every fall. We live in the Seattle area and take our boat out salmon fishing, spot shrimping, sturgeon fishing, and crabbing for most of the year. My father in law got me hooked on pickled (and his own smokehouse smoked YUM!) salmon. We first salt cure the fish for at least 2 weeks (usually a month) in buckets layered rock salt-salmon-rock salt-salmon-rock salt etc. Then we rinse them for a few hours and slice them into bite sized pieces. I then make a pickling sauce that includes pickling spice, brown sugar, and vinegar and layer the salmon in a mason jar with thinly sliced onions–salmon-onions-salmon-onions–and pour the sauce over the fish and onions, and twist on the lid. Voila! I’m in pickled salmon heaven for months! Most of my friends and neighbors won’t touch the stuff, but we just LOVE it! It’s perfect with crusty sliced bread or crackers, and makes a great quick lunch or snack full of protein that is truly satisfying and packed with crunch. Salmon season, here we come! :)

    1. Michelle Avatar

      This entire comment made me pee myself with jealousy.

  14. Eve Avatar

    Cute! Still can’t believe the kitty didn’t wake up as soon as the jar was opened! My cat knows when a yogurt container is being taken out of the fridge and will come running into the kitchen.

    As for “Watch Me Eat” suggestions, how about pain au chocolat? Or tacos.

    1. Julia Avatar

      TACOS! That would be awesome. And probably messy, which would make it fun.

  15. Napalmnacey Avatar

    Hah! Roll-mops! That’s what my Dad calls Roll-mops, he’s from Germany. My little sister loves them, but I can’t stand fish. I can only stand tuna, and in small amounts. I don’t know why, I tried force-feeding myself some fish once (because I was paranoid about my iodine levels) and I nearly vommed.

    I think I much prefer the Cadbury Creme Egg vid, but you know, all these vids have a certain Nigella Lawson-esque glee of food in them.

  16. Suzanne Avatar

    I suggest spaghetti and meatballs. Maybe you and your sweetie can get some Lady and the Tramp action going on! :)

  17. Wacky Lisa Avatar

    I love these videos.
    This one feels especially ‘naughty’ because you’re eating out of the jar and I recall that as one of the things I was always cautioned against by parents, nutritionists, etc to help prevent my gluttony.

  18. Nicole Avatar

    I love this series! And I second the vote for something messy and fun. There’s a restaurant near me that makes an awesome nut burger with apples, blue cheese and carmelized onions… it squishes all over the place when you try to bite into it, but it’s delicious!

    1. Michelle Avatar

      Hmmm…messy. I like this idea.

      1. The Bald Soprano Avatar

        How about tacos?

        1. The Bald Soprano Avatar

          I realized after posting this that I may have made that suggestion already. It just popped into my mind in the context of ‘something messy’. :D

  19. Kathy Avatar

    love this! So few can be so gorgeous eating pickled herring. I’m going to try some myself, sans camera, but likely with a cat or two in the room as well.

  20. Francois Tremblay Avatar

    I love these videos! If you want to make more videos, here are my suggestions:

    * a mille-feuille
    * poutine
    * maple taffy
    (all stuff from Quebec or the northeast, might be hard for you to get your hands on or make)
    * a peach
    * a croissant
    * a honeycomb
    * a lollipop, or cotton candy
    * an ice cream cone (with ice cream in it)

    1. Michelle Avatar

      Oooooo poutine! And Ontario peaches are fabulous right now. Hmmmm – thanks!

  21. Jerim Avatar

    Whenever I get homesick for you I watch this video and it always makes me laugh out loud. :0)

  22. Lisa Avatar

    Me and my fellow swedes eat pickled herring for almost every holiday (and sometimes just for lunch), but ours is often covered in a sauce: either sour creamy with herbs or mustardy. And always, always eaten with bolied potatoes.

    1. Michelle Avatar

      I’ve heard of the sour cream thing! It sounds amazing. I do like sardines in mustard sauce. I need to try all of these things with potatoes.