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Diet pop culture: Aromatrim.

Would you believe that smelling something utterly disgusting might kill your appetite for otherwise tasty food? Me neither. Making food unpalatable = instant willpower. Or you could just move to a tiny apartment with three cats who share a litter box. And who have impeccable bathroom timing (i.e. mealtimes.) WHY NO, I’M NOT BITTER. Anyway, […]

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DIET POP CULTURE – The Playgirl workout, a.k.a. “sweaty dudes with mustaches.”

Because I have a sick fascination with all things related to diet culture, I figured I would start posting ridiculous bullshit on my blog periodically. (I mean, ridiculous bullshit other than me talking.) And I don’t intend these posts to come from a place of pure derision and bitterness, but actually just because I think […]

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Hey looka there, it’s the New York Times.

With another Fatosphere article. And a shorter one on intuitive eating, featuring Kate Harding. (Both articles are by Mandy Katz, who, I have to say, seems like a cool lady.) I even have quote in there! God knows I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be saying “Hey, look, it’s a Fatosphere article […]

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Empathy: not your strong suit.

A perfect example of why I quit Metafilter. This comment recently received 270 favourites. An excerpt: I work in healthcare. I belong to the Church of You Don’t Deserve This. I take care of alot of patients who, IMO, don’t deserve the medical care that I dispense. I know this is going to make me […]

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Dear Fat Nutritionist – does yummifying my food make it less nutrilicious?

(Yes, I just made those words up, and yes, I’m aware that they are completely stupid. Therefore, I will continue using them at every future opportunity, until people beg me in droves to STOP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST STOP.) Just the other day, I received the following wonderful letter, and nearly broke my […]

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