Hey looka there, it’s the New York Times.

With another Fatosphere article. And a shorter one on intuitive eating, featuring Kate Harding. (Both articles are by Mandy Katz, who, I have to say, seems like a cool lady.)

I even have quote in there!

God knows I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be saying “Hey, look, it’s a Fatosphere article in the New York Times!” let alone, “Hey, look, it’s ANOTHER Fatosphere article in the New York Times!” but, as we all know, things have changed a lot, at least online, in the last couple of years.

I’ve been writing online about fat stuff since roughly 2002, on a godforsaken online diary site where people would regularly come by to reassure me that I would die a horrible fiery death for “promoting obesity.” (That is, if simply being fat didn’t get me first.)

I’d quit dieting in 2000, after being made aware of the existence of fat acceptance in 1999 (from, of all places, reading Dean Edell’s book Eat, Drink, and be Merry, which had a brief blurb about fat ladies who formed a fatty swimming club together), and after developing some very dysfunctional eating and exercise patterns on the diet. As well as a nice case of pneumonia.

The book that finally sealed the deal for me was Laura Fraser’s Losing It. After reading it, I looked down at my body and thought, “This is a nice body. Why have I been abusing it? I’m sorry, body. Let’s stop this.” And I never looked back.

I decided to study and work in nutrition, as a fat lady. I wrote a bit for Big Fat Blog. When the Fatosphere and big-time bloggers like Kate and Marianne came on the scene, I was inspired to start my own Fatosphere blog. And now I’ve settled into what I think of as my permanent online home, still part of the Fatosphere, but, hopefully, taking up the topic of nutrition in a new way.

So that’s the completely unsolicited (and undercaffeinated) story of how I got here. And maybe of why you’re reading this.

Either way, it’s nice to see some fats in the New York Times. Again.

ETA: I don’t know exactly how or why this turned into a rambling, narcissistic recounting of me-me-me, me, and ME! instead of, you know, talking about the article, but I’m still blaming the lack of coffee. We can talk of things of substance in comments.

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