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Portal to the Fatosphere and other housekeeping.

With Shapely Prose’s recent departure from the Notes from the Fatosphere feed, I’ve heard some people say, “What site will I now visit as my point of departure onto the feed?” And I’m humbly hoping, now that I’ve repaired my Fatosphere RSS widget there on the sidebar, you’ll consider this site for the job. I’ve […]

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Diet pop culture: Trim Twist.

I don’t know what in the hell this thing does, exactly, but I do know this woman looks like she’s having an awesome time: I don’t know — if losing weight in the ’60s meant wearing a modified sporty beehive, some Keds, and a look that says “I’m about to win first place in a […]

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Dear Fat Nutritionist – do people trust you?

I’m beginning to work through my email archives of letters people have sent me. Here’s one that I absolutely loved. (I’ve added my own emphasis and omitted some identifying details.) Dear Michelle, I’m wondering what it’s like to be a fat nutritionist. Just to give you my background, I’m in recovery from an eating disorder. […]

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News – Unhyped obesity associations: inequality, hunger, and dieting.

When it comes to black-box epidemiology, wherein associations and correlations are drawn between two or more conditions, but where the causal mechanisms behind those associations are left shrouded in convenient mystery, nothing seems to gratify researchers more than showing how fatness (i.e. “obesity”) is associated with a host of scary-sounding chronic diseases, while implying that […]

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Shit that pisses me off — fat students not allowed to graduate, and other headlines.

If you’re fat, too bad — no degree for you. Not until you’ve been rehabilitated and/or re-educated, that is. Lincoln University has a new policy whereby students with a BMI over 30 are required to either lose weight or take a “Fitness for Life” course. Since they’re obviously too fucking dim to understand anything about […]

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