Portal to the Fatosphere and other housekeeping.

With Shapely Prose’s recent departure from the Notes from the Fatosphere feed, I’ve heard some people say, “What site will I now visit as my point of departure onto the feed?” And I’m humbly hoping, now that I’ve repaired my Fatosphere RSS widget there on the sidebar, you’ll consider this site for the job.

I’ve set it to update every five minutes (rather than WordPress’ depressing default of every 12 hours) and the link in the title now points to the actual feed instead of, rather mystifyingly, to my own website. Links to other blogs also automatically open in a new tab, so you can more easily keep your place if you get click-happy. (But if lots of people find this feature annoying, I can remove it.)

If you scroll farther down, you’ll also find the option to subscribe to posts by email. At least one person asked for this a while ago. And I aim to please — so please, go nuts.

I’ve developed a posting routine that works for me, after many weeks of writerly angst, so that should result in more regular posts.

In more boring news, I’ve moved archives and categories to the bottom of the page, because, frankly, there’s just more interesting stuff to have in my sidebar. But, never fear, when you’re at the bottom of a post or the front page, they will be there, comfortingly, just waiting for you to click and read more.

So, that’s it really. Let me know if you’d prefer other tweaks or additions, and I’ll see what I can do.

Let’s get comfortable, shall we?

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