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Fat / counterfat.

I wrote a little counterpoint piece for Consider. (Up against the Senior Dietitian for the University of Michigan Health System’s Bariatric Surgery Program — hardly a fair fight!) But you want to read something that truly blows this out of the water? Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor (two women who each have a large chunk […]

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Food you like is food that feels good.

French version of this post here, courtesy Stéphanie Potin-Grevrend. One of my most scandalous messages is that you should eat whatever you want, in whatever amount you want. What scandalizes me is how people often interpret this message. Over and over again, this is how people respond: “I can’t do that because I would eat […]

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Notes on “Heavy.”

I don’t normally write about TV shows. In fact, I purposely avoid watching TV shows about nutrition, fitness, and weight loss because they annoy me, and my yelling at the television then annoys my husband. But when I saw the advertisements for A&E’s new show Heavy (in between advertisements for Hoarders and Intervention, in case […]

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Watch me eat pickled herring.

Previously: Watch me eat a Cadbury Creme Egg. P.S. If there’s a food you want to watch me eat, leave a suggestion in comments.

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Little tasty things.

Happy 2011, everyone! I have a couple of tidbits for you: Shannon interviewed me for his podcast, On Hold with Atchka! If you want to hear me sound like a valley girl, repeat myself endlessly, and completely lose my train of thought due to a sudden caffeine deficiency…then, by all means, listen! It’s my first […]

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