An open letter to my inbox.

Dear anyone who has emailed me recently,

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. For some reason, my inbox has seen a torrential avalanche of activity lately. (And a mixed metaphor, apparently.) I want to respond to you, particularly to anyone who’s struggling and needed to ask a question. And I will get back to you eventually. Thanks for waiting on me.

I’ve also heard that lots of people’s emails are bouncing, and I’m going to figure out what’s going on. If this happens, comments are pretty reliable way of reaching me, and I’m also on Twitter as @fatnutritionist, so you can try reaching me there.

I’ve also noticed my site is loading veeeeery sloooooowly. I’m working on it.

In the meantime, I hope you will accept this photographic evidence of me trying to figure stuff out:







7 responses to “An open letter to my inbox.”

  1. Mina Avatar

    Haven’t been trying to get hold of you, but I just had to drop in and say how awesome that picture is. That’s a “wtf?” face if I’ve ever seen one.

    Also, I love your hair. I just got a haircut today and I have bangs for the first time since 5th grade. Total mistake! I’m not rocking the bangs like you.

    1. Michelle Avatar

      The truth is…I have a really big forehead.

      1. Mina Avatar

        See, that’s why I got the bangs.

        I’m pale too, so if the sun shines on it juuuust right, I might be able to blind people. I’m starting to like the cut actually. We can rock the bangs together.

  2. JeninCanada Avatar

    That’s a great ‘figuring things out’ face. :) And now! I follow you on Twitter.

  3. Michellers Avatar

    Remember back in November when you humbly invited us to use your site as a departure point for the Fatosphere Feed? And then you continued posting fucking awesome stuff for us to read and ponder and comment on? And then everyone else on the Fatosphere started to link to your site all the time? And begging to work with you?

    =torrential avalanche of activity

    Because you are amazing :-)

    1. Michelle Avatar

      Or very, very lucky :)

  4. Rachel Avatar

    I’m among that avalanche flooding your inbox :-) When I find stable employment, I’m seriously considering enlisting your services. When it comes to eating, you’re the first person who has made sense to me in a long while. Have you considered posting testimonials? It would be so great to hear all the awesome things people have to say about your process.