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Diet Pop Culture – Choice Quotes from Diet Paperbacks

I have a sort of unofficial hobby of collecting diet paperbacks — something about them fascinates me in the same way I am fascinated by infomercials. Not only are they often unintentionally hilarious, but they have a certain formula and flavour that promises to reveal something about how marketing, emotion, and motivation interact. So I’ve […]

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Some lines on reading a Weight Watchers study.

So, the other night, I started reading this 2008 study, which looked at how well Weight Watchers Lifetime Members do at maintaining their weight loss for up to five years. The first part of the paper, as usual, describes the set-up of the study, and the demographic details of the people who participated. This is […]

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Slim Chance Awards and the joys of skepticism.

So, while I’m still on hiatus (I know, it’s the most internet-ey internet hiatus in modern history), I’ve found myself thinking a lot about what I’ve come to call “diet apocrypha.” Apocrypha includes scammy fad diets, folk remedies, superstitious beliefs about food/eating, old wives’ tales, and that mysterious “American Heart Association Diet” that was faxed […]

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Just so you know.

January’s a crazy month schoolwise for me (and if you hadn’t already guessed, I was on holiday for the bulk of December), but I will be back plugging away at the old routine come February. I’ve actually got several posts in the pipe right now, but no time to finish them off to my satisfaction. […]

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What’s all this, then?

It’s my blog about normal eating. You’re reading it. So, I’m working on this thing I like to call my Unified Theory of Kicking Ass. What that means is, I’m reading and learning stuff about normal eating and nutrition and how people change their behaviour. I have a pretty decent understanding of this stuff already, […]

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