Just so you know.

January’s a crazy month schoolwise for me (and if you hadn’t already guessed, I was on holiday for the bulk of December), but I will be back plugging away at the old routine come February. I’ve actually got several posts in the pipe right now, but no time to finish them off to my satisfaction.

That said, I will probably surprise myself with random posting at some point between now and then — never say never.

If you’re into this kind of thing, please feel free to use this as an open thread of sorts. Random questions and arguments always welcome.

I’ll get the ball rolling by extending something I was kvetching about on Twitter — that because a therapeutic diet is used for the treatment of a specific condition or disease does not mean it is therefore a healthy diet for most people. But I see this argument used again and again by people who’ve come to Jesus (figuratively) by finding a specific diet that helps or even cures their particular ailment, as in the case of gluten intolerance.

And to that, I say, fabulous! I’m glad you found the thing that works for you. Because, truly, different people have different nutritional needs. And it’s often up to us to figure out what those needs are, and what works best, for ourselves.

What I don’t say is, fabulous! Please continue proselytizing as though this diet is now The Answer to All of Humanity’s Ills.

What I also don’t say is, fabulous! By finding a diet that treats your condition, you have also likely stumbled upon the diet that would therefore prevent said condition from occurring in other people.

Cause it just ain’t necessarily so.

Thoughts? Examples? Swearwords? You know what to do.

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