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Dear Fat Nutritionist – You’re pretty good looking (for a girl.)

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What’s all this, then?

It’s my blog about normal eating. You’re reading it. So, I’m working on this thing I like to call my Unified Theory of Kicking Ass. What that means is, I’m reading and learning stuff about normal eating and nutrition and how people change their behaviour. I have a pretty decent understanding of this stuff already, […]

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Holier-than-thou, and getting holier.

So, I just read this editorial-slash-book-review, or whatever it’s supposed to be. The most striking thing, to me, is the writer’s use of moralizing, sin-a-licious language: In theory, I’m a food libertarian and don’t believe the state should take responsibility for curbing individuals’ greed.” [Emphasis mine.] And her…colourful…use of hyperbole, which wouldn’t be entirely out-of-place […]

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All women are real.

I was reading the NAAFA blog’s latest update on the casting for a new TV show, and this stopped me dead in my tracks: “More To Love is by the same guys that do “The Bachelor” for ABC and is essentially the same show, except all the gals on the show are real girls with […]

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Your body is your home.

I’ve wondered for a long time whether it was useful to think of the body in a sort of Cartesian dualist way. Most of us certainly seem to, without reflecting on why we seem to, why that’s the semi-default mode of thinking about the body (body vs. mind, body vs. soul, body vs. personality — […]

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