July? What?

So I’ve, er, lost a bit of time recently. I put my head down for a minute, looked up again, and it was July. Canada Day, to be precise, and also the first day of the month, which gives my husband the opportunity to sneak up behind me and shout, “PINCH, PUNCH, FIRST-OF-THE-MONTH, NO RETURNS!” Which always startles me and makes me swear I am going to pay closer attention to the date in the future.

Which never happens.

Anyhow. I have the follow-up post to my last thing pretty much ready to go — just needs a bit of editing. But I’ve been busy working at yet another hospital lately, and it’s been good. Lots and lots of patients to see, which is the finest part of the job, hands down.

I’ve got flowers growing on the balcony, and even though I’m pretty sure I interrupted some kind of shady transaction going on in my backyard today, it’s a lovely day and Toronto is colourful, almost beautiful in the sunlight…


…or that might just be the GIANT coffee I drank this afternoon talking. Either way, I’ll take it.

I baked some bread yesterday for the first time in eons. I stopped baking it when I moved into my current apartment, which has a kitchen the size of a Band-Aid. But with the help of my MONSTER MIXER (700 watts, baby) and its dough-hooks, I didn’t knead anything, and the bread was righteously awesome.

If I do say so myself.

I’ve also been playing with my cat’s diet lately. Because, what are pets if not your own personal biochemical experiments?

I’ve had a couple of emails about specific nutrition questions, which I love, because it gives me the chance to dig through my old clinical nutrition notes and textbooks and brush up. Or to remind myself of how, exactly we did things back in some old clinic. So keep ’em coming, if you have any questions. It’s good practice for me.

As future plans go, I’m going to let slip a little something I’m planning to do here. There’s a certain training I want to take in the fall, and said training will allow me to feel confident in offering nutrition counseling/coaching/cheerleading/hand-holding/helper-ing to people, either in person or at a distance.

I could do it right now, actually, but what can I say? I’m conscientious-beyond-conscientious, to the point where I will be the MOST RIDICULOUSLY OVER-EXPERIENCED DIETETIC INTERN EVAR!!! when I finally get there, since I insisted on working my way up the nutrition ladder by volunteering in eating disorders, and then working in food service, and then taking a (bizarre and disastrous) detour into real estate, and then doing clinical nutrition. Because I am insane and can’t just settle down and focus on getting a damn degree like you’re supposed to.

And even though I’ve got the whole nutrition care process thing down, I want more specific training. A method, to be precise.

So, I’m going to git myself some training, and then I’ll hang out my shingle, right here on this little ole website. And all six of my readers will have the chance to hire me.

Exciting, no?

Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say.

Oh, and I discovered I’m an inch and a half taller since I last measured myself. Will wonders never cease.

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