On hiatus. For serious this time.

ETA: So, I lasted about a week and then broke my hiatus. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Still not really taking email questions until I’m caught up, though.

The Fat Nutritionist is taking a hiatus until February 5, because I seriously need to study some chemistry! And I keep getting distracted by interesting discussions and comments and whatnot.

So, keep talking amongst yourselves if you like. If your comment gets stuck in moderation, sorry — you’ll just have to wait till I get back for it to be approved.

See you in a couple weeks. And keep me in your prayers re: chemistry.

ETA: I’m also not taking questions at this time. But I wrote you a whole primer on how to find a dietitian in case you are in dire need!






12 responses to “On hiatus. For serious this time.”

  1. Daniel M. Avatar
    Daniel M.

    As a dedicated materialist i will not pray, but i hold you all fingers i can gather.
    I seem to have a similar relationship with structural mechanics though.

  2. marjorie Avatar

    good luck! kick chemistry’s ass!

  3. CTJen Avatar

    Good luck!!!

  4. Kelly Avatar

    Best of luck!

  5. Karen Avatar

    I am a chemistry instructor and I’m happy to help if you think I can. I know a few good websites. Sometimes a different explanation can lead to better understanding. In the mean time, here are my “rules”:
    Main rule: Find the mole.
    Corollary rules: See a gram, use molecular weight
    See a solution, use density or molarity.
    See a gas, use the Ideal Gas Law.

    1. Michelle Avatar

      AWESOME, thank you! I am writing these on an index card as I type.

      Also — can I whack-a-mole instead?

    2. Daniel M. Avatar
      Daniel M.

      Hmm, what are the topics of the course?

      Preliminarily i have an entirely different advice althogether
      Index cards are awesome for organic chemistry as one has to just learn it.
      For anorganic i recommend a different approach, that i have sucessfully used everywhere

      Get one problem and have someone solve it.
      Then read through the solution and the materials and try to spot where it came from.
      Then try it yourself.
      Then try a different one yourself.
      If it comes out right Congrats , you understand the basic of what you are doing.
      If not, experiment until it does, then try to use the new approach in another one.

      It not only works but makes you enjoy what you do, as you get an actual sucess when it clicks, not just memorising rules
      Besides it is a much less fragile type of knowledge – you will not forget it so easily and you can attempt to apply parts of it to other problems

      Also imagining what is happening is usually great – fends off errors.

      If you have any problem, post it here and i (and others) will see for some advice

  6. deeleigh Avatar

    I wrote a cheer for you. Imagine me dancing around with pompoms.

    Chemistry is a piece of cake!
    If you can manage to stay awake!
    Balance those equations, make your isotopes stable!
    Find the volume of a mole with the periodic table!
    Go, go, go Michelle! Wooooooooo!

    1. Karen Avatar

      Love this cheer!

  7. WendyRG Avatar

    Knock that chemistry’s socks off! Can’t wait to see you back blogging again, you salty voice of reason!

  8. Meems Avatar

    Dear God I hated chem….so, um, yeah…good luck!